Wednesday, September 25, 2013

AKU yg dulu bukan yg sekarang..

HALLO reader.. its been so long since i dont post anything in this blog...heee...maafkan saya..soryy..
well im so busy lately...really2 busy.. but its ok actly...good for my mind and olso my LITTel tiny Heart...kicik betul ba hati saya ne smpai org suka2 mau pijak..adededehhh...haha... but now i already put on wall around my heart.. and hoping that no one can break it out again again again..tet.. as before...
ya ALLAH SWT.. jagala hati ini sngguhnya hamba mu ini sgt lemah hatinya...amin.,:(

so now the important thing is my work.. my life.. and my family..need to focus.. saya young lg ba.. young and gojes lg kan...petik jari seja ba ne..tingal pilih seja c mama bilang...haha... so there is no such thing as LOVE love LOve.. enough for that... its time for me to recover... my heart need time.. so for those trying to make me fall in love again..aceheceh... mcmla ada kan... sorry i guess i need to reject u all..and again sorry..opsss..:)

FOLLOW the rules..
1) no time to be sad..
2) enjoy life..
3) dont be desperate... hello.. u are worth more than that..
4) believe ur self..
5) stop thingking about HIM.. coz if he love u..he would never do that.. especially making u cry...
yaiii crying mcm baby.. bikin malu btl kan.. common la..hati dan perasaan mimang begitu.. but now i guess enough already..i try my best and this is what i get...THANK YOU VERY MUCH..:)..
6) i hope u happy.. doakan dia bahagia dunia akhirat..amin...:)
7) i will never hate you.. remember please put a smile on your i did..:)
8) work hard...
9) kerja..hidup and family thats all for now..
10) MOVE ON..and keep walking princess..

~waiting you its like waiting rain in the drought... Useless and full of disappointed...

❤ Belajarlah untuk kehilangan dia..andai dia bukan jodoh kamu ✔
❤ Belajarlah untuk tabah..andai dia pergi dari hidup kamu ✔
❤ Belajarlah untuk menerima hakikat..yang dia bukan milik kamu ✔
❤ Belajarlah untuk berhenti mencintai dia..andai cinta dia bukan untuk kamu ✔
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